Alternative tourism routes

Arhanes is a travel destination for visitors whose interests are very diverse: archaeological sites such as Anemospilia, Fourni, Tourkogeitonia, Vathipetro, etc. or famous historical sites like Karydaki Bridge are only a few of the area's choices. Visitors also have the option to visit many other destinations:

By car

Arhanes – Jiouhtas peak 
About 2.5 miles south from the town of Arhanes, via an asphalt road and just before the Vathipetro archaeological site starts a dirt road that leads to the Peak of Jiouhtas hill. After 2.6 miles the road ends where two paths start that lead Afentis Christos and Psili Korfi respectively. In Psili Korfi there is the Summit Temple from where the path goes on to Alonaki and Anemospilia.

Kato Mylos – Aghia Eirene gorge – Venetian bridge at Karydaki – Sylamos – Aghia Eirene aquaduct
The visitor who takes this route through the gorge and along the bank of the Katsabas creek will start at Kato Mylos and after a 2.8-mile walk will end in Sylamos village. From there, taking a turn at the village square and another right about 0.6 miles further down, through a beautiful country of vineyards will arrive at the Aghia Eirene aquaduct.

Arhanes – Vathipetro – Vathipetro settlement
The Vathipetro archaeological site lies 3.1 miles south from Arhanes and can be reached via an asphalt road. Visiting hours are 08:00 to 15:00 daily except on Tuesdays. The visitors can then continue on to Vathipetro settlement following the main road for about 0.6 miles. The visitor can have a pick-nick there and a rest.

Kato Arhanes (Lower Arhanes) – Kefala woods - Fourni
A fine route through the village of Kato Arhanes, westward and uphill to Kefala hill and finally to the archaeological site of Fourni.

Ano Arhanes (Upper Arhanes) – Jiouhtas peak
You start from the central town square heading west where you meet the path to the hill top. This is an exciting 1-hour route through amazing countryside, especially during springtime when all endemic flowers blossom. At the hill top there is the chapel of Afentis Christos (Christ Our Lord). The view from the peak is spectacular: airplane view of the greater Arhanes area, Heraklion, the Lassithi mountains, Psiloritis mountain, etc. At the chapel starts a path that leads to the Summit Temple, Alonaki and Anemospilia.

Kato Mylos – Karydakiani bridge
About 1.25 miles away from Kato Mylos, the visitor will follow a downhill path that leads straight to the bank of the creek and from then on along the creek through a not so easy walk. Karydakiani bridge is not easily visible from the top, you have to get down to the creek to see it! East from that bridge and high up on a hill there is a very old chapel dedicated to Panaghia Kardiotissa (Kardiotissa Virgin Mary).

Ano Arhanes – Fourni 
The route begins at Arhanes. We take a left from the old elementary school building and all the way to a crossroad: follow the signs to the ancient Minoan footpath that ends in Fourni. This route is spectacular, especially during springtime when all endemic flowers blossom.

Suggested routes through settlements and villages

  1. Old town – Archaeological collection – Tourkogeitonia (Archaeological collection visiting hours daily 08:00 to 14:00, except Tuesdays).
  2. Kato Arhanes backstreets walkthrough
  3. Patsides village walkthrough
  4. Local chapels and churches visits
  5. Private collections and museums visits