ARHONTIKO ARCHANES  is 4-star traditional apartment in Crete. It is situated in the centre of Archanes, a traditional town built at the foot of the sacred mount Jiouktas.

ARHONTIKO ARCHANES  traditional Cottages  Built in 1893, it is a fine example of 19th century inland Cretan architecture. It played an important role throughout the recent history of Archanes. During the Cretan revolt against the Turkish rule, in 1897, it was used as barracks and headquarters of the Regiment of Select Cretans under the command of Ioannis Dafotis.

In early 20th century it accommodated the needs of the community of Arhanes for an elementary school for several years. Arhontiko has been restored with care and respect to its original architectural elements, thus giving a new meaning to ‘traditional’. The CACG [Central Archaeological Council Of Greece has characterized ‘Arhontiko’ as a Protected Traditional Building.

All of ‘Arhontiko’ interiors are fitted with antiques, old embroideries and handmade furniture. The beautiful enclosed yard is decorated with stones that are hand-carved by the very stone-builders that raised the house. Amidst an abundance of flowers and a multitude of colors and scents, the visitors can enjoy their coffee, tsikoudia and many more beverages made from the unique wild herbs gathered from the sacred mountain of Jiouktas or taste a thousand and one treats prepared with care by the house owners.

Staying at 'Arhontiko'

Arhontiko ,Arhanes and generaly Crete is an ideal for Family vacations, Honeymoon desrtination, Bussiness trips, Nature Lover trips and many other activities that include nature , traditional way of living and the luxurious stay in one of the most graphic villages in Crete.

Arhontiko features 4 independent apartments of 70 square metres each, consisting of two levels, with interior staircase. They are fully equipped and can accommodate 2 to 4 persons, all year round making it a jewel among hotels in crete.

Each has a spacious day room and fireplace a master bedroom with vintage brass bed and two single beds in the day room area, offering every contemporary living comfort.

Each apartment has:

  • WC/Bath tub
  • Air condition
  • Heating
  • Music
  • Satellite TV
  • Wireless internet
  • Telephone
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Safety Box
  • Hair drier